Who is Snow Lopes? Snow Lopes Age, Family, Height, and Career

Who is Snow Lopes? Snow Lopes Age, Family, Height, and Career

Get ready to learn all about the rising star in the entertainment industry, Snow Lopes! With a famous mother like Lisa Lopes from TLC, it’s no surprise that Snow has inherited her talent and passion for music. Standing tall at 5’7”, Snow has already made a name for herself with her captivating voice and stage presence. But there’s more to her than just being the daughter of a music icon. This blog post will dive into’ bio, family background, and career journey. Trust us, you will want to take advantage of this exciting read!

Who is Snow Lopes?

Who is Snow Lopes? Snow Lopes Age, Family, Height, and Career

It is a rising star in the entertainment industry, following in the footsteps of her famous mother, Lisa Lopes, from TLC. With a captivating voice and an undeniable stage presence, Snow has quickly made a name for herself. 

But who is she? It is more than just the daughter of a music icon. She is a talented artist in her own right, with a passion for creating music that speaks to the heart.

 With her unique style and powerful vocals, Snow is carving out her path in the industry. Please keep reading to learn more about early life, education, and the journey that led her to where she is today.

Snow Lopes Bio/Wiki

Category Information
Name Snow Lopes
Age 24 years old (as of 2023)
Birthdate May 22, 1999
Birthplace Atlanta, Georgia
Nationality American
Parents Lisa Lopes (mother), Andre Rison (father)
Height 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
Weight 121 pounds (55 kg)
Body Measurements 34-25-35 inches (86-64-89 cm)
Profession Musician
Genres Hip-hop, R&B, pop
Net Worth $500,000 USD (estimated)
Achievements – Released debut single “Brazy” in 2017 <br> – Known for unique sound/style

Early Life and Education

It early life was filled with creativity and music. Growing up in a household surrounded by the sounds of TLC, it was clear that she was destined for greatness. From a young age, Snow showed a natural talent for singing and performing, captivating anyone who listened. Her parents recognized her passion and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Snow received formal vocal training and honed her skills, preparing for the world that awaited her.

In terms of education, Snow attended a performing arts school, where she had the opportunity to develop her talents further. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, she immersed herself in music and performance, solidifying her love for the industry. 

This early education gave her the foundation to navigate the competitive entertainment world.

Through hard work, dedication, and a supportive upbringing, laid the groundwork for her future success. Her early life and education set the stage for her incredible journey in the music industry.

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Parents and Siblings

Who is Snow Lopes? Snow Lopes Age, Family, Height, and Career

Snow Lopes comes from a talented and musical family. Her mother, Lisa Lopes, was a member of the iconic girl group TLC. While her mother’s legacy looms, Snow has carved out her path in the entertainment industry. 

Snow also has siblings who share her love for music and performance. Growing up in such a creative household, it’s no wonder their mother’s incredible talent influenced Snow and her siblings. Together, they create a dynamic and supportive family unit that has undoubtedly played a role in Snow’s success. With her family’s support and musical background, is ready to take the industry by storm.


Who is Snow Lopes? Snow Lopes Age, Family, Height, and Career

Snow Lopes has managed to keep her personal life relatively private, and there is no public information about her husband or boyfriend.

 Snow is focused on her career and has been making waves in the music industry with her incredible talent. While we may not know the details of her romantic life, it’s clear that Snow is determined to make her mark in the entertainment world. 

Her dedication and passion for her craft make her a force to be reckoned with. Fans and followers eagerly await to see what the future holds for this rising star, both personally and professionally.


It is a proud mother to two beautiful children. She values her role as a parent and cherishes the special moments she gets to share with her little ones. 

Although she keeps her personal life private, Snow often shares glimpses of her family on social media, giving her fans a peek into her life as a mother. 

Watching her children grow and learn brings immense joy to Snow’s life, and she prioritizes their happiness and well-being above all else. 

She hopes to instill in them the same love and passion for music inherited from her mother, Lisa Lopes. With her children by her side, Snow Lopes is truly unstoppable in pursuing success and making her mark in the entertainment industry.

Age, Height, Weight, And Physical Appearance

Snow Lopes is a stunning talent with a captivating presence on and off the stage. At just 5’7″, she exudes a powerful aura that commands attention. With her slender figure and graceful posture, Snow carries herself with an elegance that reflects her upbringing in the world of music. 

Her age remains a mystery, adding an air of mystique to her persona. Snow’s physical appearance perfectly complements her vibrant personality and incredible vocal abilities. 

She is a true vision of beauty with her luscious dark hair and piercing eyes. Snow takes pride in her appearance and is often seen donning fashionable outfits that showcase her unique sense of style. From her charismatic stage presence to her striking features, Snow Lopes is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Before fame

Before her fame, Snow Lopes had a humble beginning in the entertainment industry. Growing up in the shadow of her mother’s fame, Snow worked hard to establish her identity and carve her path.

 She dedicated countless hours to honing her vocal skills and refining her craft. With determination and a strong work ethic, Snow embarked on a journey that would lead her to become the rising star she is today. 

While her early struggles may have gone unnoticed by the public, Snow’s unwavering passion and dedication set the foundation for her eventual success. Her journey before fame is a testament to her resilience and commitment to her art.


Who is Snow Lopes? Snow Lopes Age, Family, Height, and Career

Snow Lopes’ career is nothing short of extraordinary. She has risen to prominence in the entertainment industry with her unique style, captivating voice, and powerful performances. Snow’s talent and passion for music have been undeniable from the moment she stepped onto the stage.

 She has mesmerized audiences with her incredible vocal range and ability to connect with her fans on a deep emotional level.

 Snow’s career trajectory has been impressive, and she shows no signs of slowing down. With each new release, she continues to push boundaries and redefine what it means to be a successful artist. Snow Lopes’ career is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and undeniable talent, and she is undoubtedly a rising star to watch in the music industry.

Net Worth and achievements

Net work, talk about Snow Lopes’ net worth and impressive achievements. Although Net work specific details about her net worth are not publicly available, it’s Net work safe to say that Snow’s career in the entertainment industry has been financially rewarding.

 With her Net work rising popularity and successful music releases, she has undoubtedly secured a comfortable place in the industry. As for her achievements, Snow has already made significant strides in her career.

 She has earned Net work fans and industry professionals respect and admiration, from captivating performances to releasing powerful and soulful music.

 Snow Lopes’ talent and hard work have garnered Net work her a dedicated following and opened doors for even greater success in the future. As she continues evolving as an artist, we can expect Snow to achieve even more remarkable milestones in her career.


As Snow continues to soar to new heights in her career, this rising star’s future looks incredibly promising. With her undeniable talent and captivating stage presence, Snow has already captured the hearts of fans worldwide. But what’s next for her? Well, one thing is for sure – Snow Lopes is just getting started. 

She plans to continue creating and releasing music that resonates with listeners profoundly and emotionally. With each new project, she aims to push boundaries and explore different genres, showcasing her versatility as an artist. 

Snow is eager to collaborate with other talented musicians and producers, bringing fresh and innovative sounds to her music. The future holds endless possibilities for Snow Lopes, and we can’t wait to see where her journey takes her next. Watch for this incredible artist because she’s one to watch!

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Plans and Projects

Snow Lopes has big plans and exciting projects on the horizon. She is set to make waves in the music industry with her talent and determination. Snow is working on her debut album, showcasing her unique style and powerful vocals.

 She is collaborating with renowned producers and songwriters to create authentic and meaningful music. In addition to her album, Snow has plans to embark on a nationwide tour, where she will mesmerize audiences with her captivating stage presence.

 She also has aspirations to venture into acting and explore other creative avenues. Snow’ plans and projects are filled with endless possibilities, and her fans eagerly await what she has in store. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from this rising star!


Who is Snow Lopes? Snow Lopes Age, Family, Height, and Career

Snow is not only a talented musician, but she also has a variety of hobbies that keep her busy when she’s not on stage or in the studio. Here are some of Snow’s favorite hobbies:

  • Writing songs: Snow loves to pour her heart and soul into creating meaningful and powerful music. She often spends hours crafting lyrics and melodies that resonate with her audience.
  •  Yoga and meditation: To find balance and peace in her busy life, Snow practices yoga and meditation. These activities help her stay centered and focused, allowing her to give her best performances.
  •  Reading: Snow is an avid reader and loves reading books that inspire and challenge her. She finds joy in exploring different worlds and gaining new perspectives through literature.
  • Traveling: As a lover of adventure, Snow enjoys exploring new places and immersing herself in different cultures. Traveling inspires her music and allows her to recharge and gain fresh perspectives.
  •  Cooking and baking: Snow enjoys experimenting with new recipes and creating delicious meals for her loved ones. She finds joy and creativity in the kitchen, a form of relaxation.

These hobbies allow Snow to unwind and recharge, inspire her for her music, and help her maintain a well-rounded and fulfilling life.

Favorite things

Snow has a few favorite things that bring her joy and inspire her in her career. Here are some of her top picks:

  •  Music genres: Snow loves exploring different genres of music, but she has a soft spot for R&B, hip-hop, and soul. These genres resonate with her soulful voice and allow her to express her emotions through her music.
  •  Fashion: Snow is a fashion enthusiast and loves experimenting with different styles. From streetwear to high fashion, she enjoys creating unique and trendy outfits that reflect her style.
  • Travel: Exploring new places and experiencing different cultures is one of Snow’s favorite things. Traveling inspires her creatively and allows her to gather new experiences to infuse into her music.
  • Food: Snow is a foodie at heart and enjoys trying different cuisines. Whether indulging in her favorite comfort foods or exploring new flavors, she appreciates the artistry of food and the joy it brings.
  • Inspirational figures: Snow looks up to artists like Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and Lauryn Hill. Their talent, authenticity, and impact in the industry inspired her to continue pushing boundaries and making meaningful music.

These are just a few of Snow Lopes’ favorite things that contribute to her creative journey and shape her as an artist.

Interesting Facts

  •  Snow has a hidden talent for painting and loves to express her creativity on canvas in her spare time.
  •  She is a huge animal lover and has a pet cat named Luna, who is her constant companion and brings her so much joy.
  • Snow is a bookworm and has an extensive collection of books. She loves getting lost in different stories and expanding her knowledge.
  •  She has a passion for cooking and enjoys experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. Her specialty is a homemade lasagna that her friends and family rave about.
  •  Snow is a philanthropist and actively supports various charitable causes, particularly those related to women’s empowerment and education.
  •  She is obsessed with collecting vintage vinyl records and spends hours searching for hidden gems at flea markets and record stores.
  • Snow is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys practicing yoga and Pilates to stay fit and healthy.
  • She has a unique sense of humor and loves making people laugh with her quick wit and playful personality.
  •  Snow is a true fashionista and loves exploring different trends and styles. She has a knack for putting together stylish outfits that make a statement.


Curious about Snow Lopes?

Here are some frequently asked questions about the rising star.

Is Snow Lopes related to Lisa Lopes from TLC?

Yes, Snow is the daughter of Lisa.

How tall is Snow Lopes?

Snow stands tall at 5’7″.

Does Snow Lopes have any siblings?

Yes, she has siblings who also share her love for music.

Is Snow Lopes married or dating anyone?

Snow has kept her personal life private, so there is no public information about her husband or boyfriend. Does Snow Lopes have children? Yes, Snow is a proud mother of two beautiful children. How old is Snow Lopes? Snow’s age remains a mystery, adding to her mystique. Stay tuned for more updates on this rising star.


In the dazzling entertainment world, carries a torch of legacy that burns brightly. Lisa, a shining star of TLC, may have left this earthly stage tragically in 2002, but her brilliance lives on through her daughter.

With every step Snow takes, she walks in the footsteps of her iconic mother, carrying the essence of the unforgettable girl group TLC within her.

Snow’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of music, love, and the indomitable spirit of her mother. Like a snowflake in a blizzard, she stands out, a unique force, yet part of a more remarkable constellation. Through her path, she continues to honor Lisa’s memory.

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