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Chase Cominsky Age, Height, Weight, Career, Networth & Controversies.

Who is Chase Cominsky?

Chase Cominsky is an American ex-professional fisherman from Hermitage, Pennsylvania. He has recently garnered significant attention in professional fishing for his skills in fishing tournaments and due to substantial controversies surrounding his career. Cominsky has allegedly been accused of a major scandal related to cheating in a fishing tournament, which has significantly impacted his reputation in the fishing community as well as his overall career & net worth. His story is a blend of professional success and personal challenges.

chase cominsky fishing

Early life and Background

Actual & Genuine information about Chase Cominsky’s early life and background is quite limited in public sources. From what is available, it is known that he grew up in Hermitage, Pennsylvania. This area is known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities, which likely played a role in fostering his interest in fishing.

However, specific details about his childhood, such as his education, early experiences with fishing are not widely documented or shared in public domains. It appears that Cominsky has kept his early life private, and most of the information available about him is misrepresented/manipulated by many sources just for appearing in search results online including his Date of Birth, Family life etc.

In summary, while we know Chase Cominsky hails from Hermitage, Pennsylvania, and developed a passion for fishing that led to a career in the sport, the finer details of his early life and upbringing remain largely unknown to the public.

Chase Cominsky Family

There is actually very limited information available about Chase Cominsky’s family background. According to NetsWorths, the following information can be gathered:

  • Chase Cominsky’s father’s name is Charles Cominsky.
  • Chase Cominsky’s mother’s name is Michelle Cominsky.
  • There is no information available about Chase Cominsky’s siblings.

Please note that this information is not comprehensive and may not cover all aspects of Chase Cominsky’s family background.

Chase Cominsky Wife

The search results provide limited and indirect information about Chase Cominsky’s wife. There are references to her in the context of Cominsky’s legal troubles, including a poaching incident and a stalking charge. However, there are no detailed or direct sources that focus specifically on his wife, her identity, or their relationship. It appears that she has maintained a low profile, and as such, detailed public information about her is scarce.


Chase Cominsky, known for his involvement in the professional fishing circuit, has at least one son named Kayden Cominsky. Kayden, who was 18 years old as of the latest reports, has been mentioned in connection with legal issues involving his father. Specifically, Kayden was charged with forgery in a counterfeiting probe that also implicated Chase Cominsky. This information suggests that Chase Cominsky has children, with Kayden being one of them. However, details about any other children he may have are not readily available in the public domain.

Career & Achievements

Chase Cominsky was a professional walleye fisherman who has participated in various fishing tournaments and competitions. Some of his notable achievements include:

  • Winning the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship in December 2021.
  • Winning the Blaster Walleye Fall Brawl and the Walleye Slam.

Height, Age, Weight, Biceps

Height In Feet – 6 Feet 1 Inch
In meters – 1.81 meters
Chase Cominsky Age 36 Years Old(As of January 2024)
Weight 80 Kgs
Biceps 17 Inches

What Happened to Chase Cominsky?
Jacob Runyan And Chase Cominsky

Chase Cominsky has been at the center of a cheating scandal. Along with his partner, Jacob Runyan aka Jake Runyan, he was accused of stuffing their fish with weights to make them heavier during the 2022 Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship. As a result, their victories in the tournament were called into question. While they have not yet been charged with a felony, they may face charges for theft by deception.

Chase Cominsky Net Worth

Year Net Worth
Chase Cominsky Net Worth 2024 Might go BankRupt
Chase Cominsky Net Worth 2023 <$100k
Chase Cominsky Net Worth 2022 >$800k

Chase Cominsky’s net worth was estimated to be around $800,000 in 2022. However, it is noted that his 2023 net worth could have been significantly impacted by the cheating scandal, potentially dropping below $100,000. The net worth is primarily attributed to his tournament winnings, consistent annual salary as a professional fisherman, sponsorships, and brand endorsements. The cheating scandal has had a significant impact on his financial status, including the forfeiture of a $130,000 boat and potential loss of tens of thousands.

chase cominsky boat seized
Chase Cominsky Boat


The ex-professional fisherman, has been involved in several controversies that have significantly impacted his reputation in the fishing community.

  • Fishing Tournament Cheating Scandal: The most prominent controversy surrounding Chase Cominsky is his involvement in a cheating scandal during a Lake Erie walleye fishing tournament. Cominsky and his fishing partner, Jacob Runyan, were charged with felonies including cheating, attempted grand theft, and possessing criminal tools. This scandal erupted when they were caught with weights in their fish, an act that was intended to manipulate the tournament’s outcome. Both Cominsky and Runyan eventually took plea deals.
  • Stalking & Harassment: There is a mention of stalking and harassment in the list of Chase Cominsky’s controversies, but no substantial details or allegations have been found.
  • Counterfeit Currency: The case against chase cominsky, who faces a February 2023 prosecution for giving his bowling alley-loving son two counterfeit $ 100 dollar bills to take there and spend. His 18-year-old son Kayden was charged with forgery, counterfeiting, conspiracy and theft by deception.
  • Illegal Deer Poaching: In addition to the fishing tournament scandal, Chase Cominsky has faced charges related to illegal deer poaching. This further tarnished his image and raised serious questions about his adherence to legal and ethical standards in outdoor sports.  In October 2023, the Pennsylvania Game Commission accused veteran hunter Chase Cominsky of violating eight wildlife laws in Mercer County for taking deer out of season and without license. In Pennsylvania, he has been suspended from hunting for a time because of other infractions.

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